Intercessory Prayer

We see a church with a strong and positive impact on the community as a direct result of effectual fervent prayer.
The mission of the Prayer Ministry is to provide a strong, disciplined, mature, powerful ministry that addresses the needs of the members of Sun City Christian Baptist Church and the broader (El Paso) community. We want to be known for our love for the least, the left out, the lost, and for our compassion, sense of service, and excellence.
  • To pray for the specific and general needs of the church
  • To provide agape love to our members and the community
  • To provide an atmosphere of compassion for the lost
  • To provide godly results based on persistent and continual prayer
  • To provide excellence in the serving members

Men's Ministry

We see a church full of men who demonstrate, Godly Manhood, by walking in God's divine purpose for their life.

To provide Christian fellowship and support that edifies the men of Sun City Christian fellowship


  • To equip men to be, more and more, like Christ
  • To lead other men to a personal relationship with God through confession of faith that Jesus is risen Lord and Savior
  • To develop men into dynamic disciples through weekly bible studies and monthly fellowship/small groups for encouragement and responsibility
  • To develop men into effective leaders, who in turn will mentor other potential leaders, in order to accomplish the mission of the Church

Women's Ministry

We envision women living their lives on purpose and walking out the God ordained destiny set for their lives. We strive to be a ministry which develops strong Christian women who are walking in God’s divine purpose, and we strive to build strong families, healthy relationships, empowering women of all ages for service in the Church and the Community abroad.  We are a ministry that reaches out to the “Least, the left-out, and the Lost” with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Our mission is to reach, preach, teach and mobilize families to live for God, through Christ, in the power of His Holy Spirit.
  • To minister holistically (mind, body, spirit) to women
  • To create a safe non- threatening environment where women can express, experience and enjoy the presence of God
  • To meet intergenerational needs (young women, teens….etc.)
  • To provide biblically based teaching to empower women
  • To participate in In/Out-reach services (missions, evangelism, community service….etc.)

Christian EducatIon

Our vision is to provide educational opportunities that address spiritual, personal, and leadership development that will empower the people in the community to become disciples of Christ.


  • Provide a comprehensive teaching ministry that is appropriate for all age levels
  • Provide curriculum and other educational resources
  • Organize, plan and implement positive teaching experiences which encourages personal and community transformation
  • Make spiritual growth a priority in the lives of the members of SSCFBC by encouraging their active participation in the churches ministry of teaching and worship.



Vision Statement
Meet the needs of the El Paso community through physical and spiritual feeding.
Mission Statement
Our mission is to walk out God’s command to love and open our hands wide to the needy. The Benevolence Committee will connect with needs of the El Paso community through the distribution of food, education and other essential needs.
  • Permit the Sun City Christian Fellowship Baptist Church family to express love and care for other facing hardship.
  • Seeks to meet the financial needs of members and regular attendees.
  • Using the resources God has given us to actively demonstrate the love of Christ.

Ushers and Greeters

To greet and bless all who enter the doors of Sun City as we fulfill our mandate to be door keepers in the house of the Lord.

Our mission is to help to keep our services running smoothly, and tend to the needs of people in the congregation by extending a warm, heartfelt greeting to all who enter our doors.


  • To make all persons/members and guests feel welcome at Sun City
  • Distribute all bulletins, welcome, visitor cards, and provide the necessary information regarding services to all who worship with us
  • Educate members of the ministry on maintaining positive and spiritual attitudes
  • Assist the Pastor during Communion
  • Support the Vision and Mission of the Church



To Welcome Guests with Open Hearts, Open Minds and Open Doors for GOD, through Christ Jesus thru a safe, loving, nurturing and Christ-like atmosphere that is conducive to corporate worship.

Our mission is to welcome worshippers to Sun City CFBC and enfold them into our church family by creating an atmosphere that will facilitate Christian fellowship, and celebration.


  • To make all who enter our worship service feel welcomed
  • Educate members of the ministry on maintaining a positive attitude that represents Christ
  • Provide food and beverages as requested for various ministries
  • Strategically arrange greeters at each service so that all will be greeted
  • Support the Vision and Mission of the Church

Children/Youth Ministry

Our vision is to creatively Engage our youth, as we Teach them the Christian faith through The Holy Word of God and to Build them up, so the can Live for Christ as they Serve the kingdom.

Our mission is to reach, teach, and empower youth through Christian charter building, by using creative and innovative methods to excite, inspire, and ignite youth for Christ.

Our goal is to provide our youth with the knowledge and tools to live for God.



To assist the Pastor in the preparation of the worship service by exalting Jesus Christ through the medium of music.

To minister to, with, and for the congregation through the ministry of music as we glorify God, through Christ Jesus, in the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Our directives are to lead, teach, direct, and engage the church body in a participatory form of... 
Praising and Worshipping our God.
Our musical style will consist of a blend of traditional, contemporary, and gospel music.
It is our expressed desire to encourage and uplift the spirits of God's people.

  • To come in God's presence with reverence for His Holiness
  • To lead the congregation in making a joyful noise unto the Lord
  • To experience God's presence through the ministry of music